Sunday, 19 June 2011

World Wide Knit In Public Day 2011

Knittable had a wonderful day yesterday starting at Francesca's Bottega della Lana in Viareggio.  The new shop looks fabulous and we all enjoyed knitting while drinking prosecco!  Grazie mille a tutti!


Knitters at large

We started off knitting outside, but the day was so windy, especially since Viareggio is on the coast and gets the sea breeze too, that we ended up on some tables inside the shop with the doors open.  Everyone was working on their own projects and having a good nose about some of the wonderful yarn.  I really had to be a very good girl and not buy anything, especially with Knit Nation coming up!

I had my own project to work on - a little yarnstorm at the Leaning Tower based on Whodunnknit's Flutterguy pattern which was created for Stitch London's Stitch Crawl last weekend.  It's a fabulously easy pattern and a great excuse to break out the colourful acrylic and use up some of the pipecleaners I have left over from another project (more on that in another blog post).  I hatched up 3 little guys to set free in the afternoon when the location shifted back to Pisa and we took up position between the cathedral and the Leaning Tower.

Three flutterguys getting set to brave the journey back to Pisa

Get out of my prosecco!

So here we have the final 3 flutterguys making a bid for freedom in the strong breeze.  Nestled at the foot of the Tower I hope they amused a few of the tourists.

It was so breezy we kept losing the googly eyes!  Poor pink and blue flutterguys ended up blind!

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